Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Sewage Slurry

Size: DN6-DN3000
Accuracy: ±0.2%RS/±0.5%RS
Electrode: SUS316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C
Structure: compact, remote
Liner: PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane, Neoprene, Hard Rubber, Ceramic
Output Signal: 4~20 mA, Pulse
Communication: RS485, HART, PROFIBUS
Protection Grade: IP65 std, IP68 optional for remote
Velocity: 0.1~15 m/s
Conductivity: > 5 ¦ÌS/cm, demineralized water > 20 ¦ÌS/cm
Power supply: 85~250 VAC, 20V~36VDC, 3.6V lithium battery
Sensor material: carbon steel (std), SS304 / SS316 (optional)
Flange: ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc.
Function: High and low alarm, exciting alarm, empty pipe alarm, self-diagnosis
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Electromagnetic flow meter is characterized by high measurement accuracy, wide range of measurement objects, replaceable electrodes and lining materials. In order to adapt to different application scenarios, electromagnetic flowmeter can be realized by replacing different electrode materials and electrode forms. Commonly used electrode materials are stainless steel, titanium, platinum-rhodium alloy, tungsten-carbon alloy, etc. In different working scenarios of electromagnetic flow meter, different electrode materials and electrode forms can be selected according to the corrosiveness and abrasiveness of the medium to better adapt to the measurement needs.

Product Features of ARTang Electromagnetic Flow Meters

  • The accuracy of the electromagnetic flow meter can be chosen between ±0.2% and ±0.5%.

  • Wide range of pipe diameters, capable of measuring pipe diameters from DN6 to DN3000.

  • The protection level of the electromagnetic flow meter can be chosen between IP67 and IP68. IP67 is water-resistant, meaning the instrument can be fully submerged in water. IP68 is submersible, capable of working underwater for long periods.

  • Installation methods: Flange installation (default); clamp installation (customized); ferrule installation (customized).

  • Selection of electrodes and linings:

    • Electrode types: 316L electrode (standard); HB/HC alloy electrode; titanium electrode; tantalum electrode; platinum-iridium electrode.

    • Lining materials: CR/F4/PFA/UR/F46.

  • Multiple signal and communication outputs:

    • Output signals (4-20mA frequency/pulse)

    • Communication (HART/Modbus RS485/PROFIBUS DP)

    • Equipped with self-check, self-diagnosis, and alarm functions.

  • Medium temperature resistance:

    • Neoprene rubber: (-10~80)℃

    • Polyurethane rubber: (-20~65)℃

    • PTFE/FEP: (-40~130)℃ (integrated type)

    • PTFE/FEP: (-40~180)℃ (separate type)

    • PFA: (-20~130)℃ (integrated type)

    • PFA: (-20~180)℃ (separate type)

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Sewage Slurry

Slurry Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Flow Meter for Slurry

Sewage Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ARTang Instrument After-sales Service:

  1. 1. The warranty of ARTang instrument is one year. The products sold by our company are responsible for free maintenance if there is any quality problem within one year (not caused by human factors).

  2. If the user improper use during the warranty period, resulting in product damage, our company is responsible for maintenance, charging the cost of damaged parts.

  3. For products that have been sold, only the material cost will be charged outside the warranty period and lifetime maintenance services will be provided.

  4. After-sales service technical support (24-hour telephone support)