Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

3.6V Battery operated electromagnetic flow meter like normal DC24V/AC220V magnetic flow meter, achieve high accuracy ±0.5% or± 0.2% of reading in measuremen.
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% (Standard), ±0.2% (Optional)
  • Ambient Temperature: -45℃~80℃
  • Liner Material: PFA,F46,Neoprene,PTFE, FEP
  • Electrode: 316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Ti, Ta, Pt
  • Protection Class: Incorporate type-----IP67 or Separate body-type----IP67/IP68
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Battery-powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter consists of electromagnetic flow meter and 4G wireless remote transmission module, which is used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of conductive liquid in closed pipeline. Measured data is transmitted to the network receiving platform through 4G signal, users can view the data flexibly and conveniently through the browser, Date collection and management can also be realized through GPRS wireless network system. In addition, IP68 protection helps the flowmeter itself to be placed underground or underwater., to achieve intelligent IOT.Battery Operated Flow Meter is widely used in water, chemical, coal, environmental protection, textile, metallurgy, paper and other industries.

The flow converter is a battery-powered converter, equipped with a conventional lithium battery as standard, which can work continuously for 3~6 years. If equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery pack, the working time will be longer.

Structural of Battery-powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Battery Operated Flow Meter consists of electromagnetic flow converter and electromagnetic flow sensor two parts.

  • electromagnetic flow sensor: the main role of the sensor is to turn the flow signal into an electrical signal, which consists of measuring tube, electrode, shell and other components.

  • electromagnetic flow converter: the main role of the converter is to send the sensor electrical signals through internal processing into digital signals, thus achieving the flow measurement.

Battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter

Battery-powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter of Advantages

  • Power Supply: 3.6V lithium batteries, 24V or 220V

  • Users through the GSM / GPRS remote management software system can achieve the flow of data wireless remote transmission, storage and other functions.

  • Integrated verification,diagnostic function and empty pipe detection.

  • Measure forward and reverse direction flows, On-site instantaneous flow rate, forward and reverse cumulative total display

  • Built-in reference electrodes,no need to connect ground ring.

  • Dual frequency excitation and stable zero point.

  • Precision coil winding technology,makes magnetic field more uniform.

  • High protection grade,IP68,can be buried in ground

  • Wide measuring range: the flow velocity measuring range can reach 0.05m/s~10m/s

  • High accuracy: ±0.5% of reading,±0.3% and ±0.2% optional,velocity >0.3 m/s. (Integral) (remote)

Battery-powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter Application

Battery Operated Flow Meter designed for the water industry, to meet the urban water supply to ensure accurate water billing, widely used in the field without power supply places, such as: urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy projects, water and water resources industries.


  • Perfect and high standard serving system in the overall course of the before, amid and after sale service.

  • OEM & ODM, change & add new functions, change colors& shapes, etc will try our best to meet the needs of various clients.

  • Training & trial run under the help of our professional engineers.

  • 18 months guarantee for flow sensor.