Chemical Magnetic Flow Meter

  • Various liners and electrodes satisfy most applications
  • Wide diameter range: DN3mm-DN3000mm
  • 0.05m/s,Measurable Minimum Flow Rate
  • 5us/cm,The Minimum Conductivity of Liquid
  • Solids Content Up to 80% By Weight
  • Ambient Temperature Range -40℃~85°
  • Automatic self-diagnosis
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • Max pressure 42Mpa available (customized)
  • CE & ATEX & EAC & 3A approved
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Digital chemical magnetic flow meter in addition to measuring the volume flow of general conductive liquids, can also be used to measure the strong acid, strong alkali and other strong corrosive liquids, as well as mud, pulp, pulp and other homogeneous liquid-solid two-phase suspended liquid volume flow. But it can not measure the flow of gas, steam and pure water.


Other supplier

The lower lim it offlow rate is 0.1m/s.

The lower limit offlow rate is 0.3m/s or even 0.5m/s.

Fast measurement response speed .

only 0.1s.

The measurement response speed is 3s.

Dual frequency excitation technology.

6.25Hz and high fiequency.

Single frequeney excitation technology 6.25Hz.

Have diagnostic test mode

Without this function

Can measure electrical conductivity5-10us/em.

The conductivity measurement should beabove 50 us/cm.

Transmitter housing is designed byourselves, high protection grade .Compact type: lP67, Remote type: IP68

Low protection grade:IP65

Own factory, short delivery period.conventional diameter less than ten unitscan be shipped within 24 hours.

Re-brand, long delivery period, difficult tocontrol quality.

Expensive accessories: cables, electrodesand other accessories.Quality is guaranteed

Inferior, low-priced accessories.

chemical mag meter

Chemical Electromagnetic Flow Meter

electromagnetic flow sensor

Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Water

Chemical Magnetic Flow Meter Features

Acid and alkali chemical magnetic flow meter can achieve bi-directional flow measurement, which is convenient to apply at user's work site. Automatic self-diagnostics including empty pipe alarm, system alarm and high/low flow alarm make it more convenient for users.ARTang engineers designed various outputs for our chemical magnetic flow meter, 4-20mA, pulse and RS485 Modbus common signals are the standard output signals of ARTang chemical magnetic flow meter. Besides, HART or Profibus DP/PA can also be customised for special orders. ±0.2% high accuracy magmeter are also no problem for ARTang, we have customised a ±0.2% high accuracy type which has been tested in our national laboratory. In order to adapt to different application scenarios, chemical magnetic flow meter can be realised by changing different electrode materials and electrode forms. Commonly used electrode materials are 316L, HC/HB, Ti, Da, Pt.

Chemical magnetic flow meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries, as well as environmental protection, municipal management, water conservancy construction and other fields. Large calibre electromagnetic flowmeter is more often used in water supply and drainage projects, small and medium calibre commonly used in solid-liquid double-phase and other difficult to measure fluids or high demand places. Small calibre, small calibre electromagnetic flow meter is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biological engineering and other health requirements of the place.

ARTang Instrument After-sales Service:

1. The warranty of ARTang instrument is one year. The products sold by our company are responsible for free maintenance if there is any quality problem within one year (not caused by human factors).

2. If there are any quality problems with our products during the warranty period, our company will repair or replace them free of charge.

3. If the user improper use during the warranty period, resulting in product damage, our company is responsible for maintenance, charging the cost of damaged parts.

4. For products that have been sold, only the material cost will be charged outside the warranty period and lifetime maintenance services will be provided.

5. After-sales service technical support (24-hour telephone support)