Waste Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Size: 1/8″-120″
Accuracy: ¡À0.5%
Electrode: SUS316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C
Structure: compact, remote
Liner: PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane, Neoprene, Hard Rubber, Ceramic
Output Signal: 4~20 mA, Pulse
Communication: RS485, HART, PROFIBUS
Protection Grade: IP65 std, IP68 optional for remote
Velocity: 0.1~15 m/s
Conductivity: > 5 ¦ÌS/cm, demineralized water > 20 ¦ÌS/cm
Power supply: 85~250 VAC, 20V~36VDC, 3.6V lithium battery
Size: DN3-DN3000
Sensor material: carbon steel (std), SS304 / SS316 (optional)
Flange: ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc.
Measuring tube: SS304
Function: High and low alarm, exciting alarm, empty pipe alarm, self-diagnosis
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Electromagnetic flow meter has the advantage of very small pressure loss, measurable flow range. Applicable to a wide range of industrial pipe diameter, up to 3m, the output signal and the measured flow rate into a linear, high accuracy, can measure the conductivity ≥ 5μs/cm of acid, alkali, salt solutions, water, sewage, corrosive liquids and slurry, slurry, pulp, pulp and other fluid flow. But it can not measure the flow of gas, steam and pure water.

electromagnetic flowmeter are divided into two structure types: integrative type and separated type. It can be used in specified explosion-proof places. Sensor has seven electrodes of different materials and four linings of different materials to be chosen.

Product Parameters Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The above options are different diameters for electromagnetic flow meters. Specific parameter as follows:

1.【LCD】 display

2.【24VDC 】power supply.

3.【 National standard Flange】connection

4.【Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485 】signal output.

5.【PTFE Lining】

6.【316L Electrode】

7.【Carbon steel material】

Note: other parameters can be customized, if you need please contact us!

【12VDC / 220VAC power supply】

【thread clamp connection 】

【other lining materials】

【other electrode materials】

【other materials, such as SS304, SS316, etc,】

Please contact us for other size electromagnetic flow meter, if you need.  Thank you for your great support on us!