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Vortex flowmeter with temperature&pressure compensation

The temperature &volume compensation vortex flowmeter adopts karman vortex principle ,the sensor has a built-in piezoelectric crystal and integrated temperature and pressure measurement function,and can measure gas temperature and pressure.Ensure more accurate volume or mass flow.


Working principle
The vortex flowmeter is based on the principle of Karman vortex street (Karman vortex street) for measurement.

When the fluid passes through the baffle, vortices with opposite rotation directions alternately appear on both sides. Each vortex will produce a low pressure zone, the vortex sensor detects the pressure change and converts it into an electrical pulse signal. The vortex flowmeter measures the flow of liquid, gas and steam by detecting the frequency of the vortex alternately flowing out of the baffle. According to proven laws and physics, the frequency of vortex shedding is proportional to the flow velocity.


  •  no zero drift.

  • Low pressure loss

  • No moving parts and no maintenance

  • Integrated welding technology, the structure is sturdy and durable

  • Through the anti-interference test, it can resist certain environmental vibration

  • Built-in temperature and pressure compensation sensor to reduce the accuracy error caused by temperature and pressure changes


  • Superheated steam,providing accurate pressure and temperature measurement values as compensation

  • Nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine and other gases in the industrial production process

  • boiler distilled water

  • Maldehyde, methanol, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Air flow measurement in compressed air system

  • Desalinated water in power plant