Vortex Flow Meter for Liquid/Gas/Steam DN15-DN300

  • Product name:Intelligent anti-vibration vortex flowmeter
  • Measuring medium: gas, liquid, steam, thermal oil
  • Nominal diameter: DN15-DN300
  • Output signal: voltage frequency pulse, 4~20mA signal.
  • Communication mode: RS485, HART optional
  • Power supply: 24VDC±5%, lithium battery 3.6VDC
  • Nominal pressure: flange mounted DN10-DN500 (preferred pressure level PN2.5MPa)
    Flange connection type DN10-DN80 (preferred pressure level PN2.5MPa)
    Flange connection type DN100-DN200 (preferred pressure level PN1.6MPa)
    Flange connection type DN250-DN300 (preferred pressure class PN1.0MPa)
  • Accuracy level: gas uncompensated type: DN15-DN25 - 1.5 level, DN32-DN200 - 1.0 level, DN250-DN300 - 1.5 level;
  • Liquid uncompensated type: DN15-DN300 - 1.0 grade;
  • Temperature and pressure compensation type: DN25-DN300 - 1.5 level
  • Medium temperature: -40℃~+260℃,-40℃~+300℃
  • Protection grade: IP65
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Vortex flowmeter is based on the Karman (Karman) vortex principle of research and production of measuring gas, steam or liquid volume flow, standardized volume flow or mass flow rate of the volume flowmeter. Mainly used for industrial pipeline media fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media, but also can measure the turbid liquid containing small particles, impurities, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, food and other industries.

Vortex flowmeter product features:

  • -High-strength piezoelectric crystal, one-piece molding, impact resistance;

  • -Compatible with liquid, gas, thermal oil, and steam measurement;

  • -Sonic nozzle calibration, high repeatability, high measurement accuracy;

  • -Optional temperature compensation, pressure temperature, to meet more on-site use;

  • -Circuit board aging operation before leaving the factory, and the whole table calibrated one by one, more suitable for on-site use;

  • -The sensing head has a unique anti-vibration and anti-interference encapsulation process, the site is more anti-interference.