Steam Flow Meter Gas & Liquid Vortex Flow Meter

Steam flow meter adopt gas venturi nozzle system carry out the calibration,accuracy with ±1.0%, Insertion vortex flow meter with accuracy ±1.5%, every flow meter will be well calibrated before leave factory.
Size: DN15-DN6000;
Measured medium: liquid,gas,steam;
Medium Temp: -40℃~250℃,-40℃~350℃,
Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa
Accuracy:±1.0 % (Flange / wafer / thread / tri-clamp; ±1.5 % (Insertion type)
Flow Range: Liquid:0.4-7.0m/s,Gas:4.0-60.0m/s,
Specifications: DN100-2000 (Insertion),
Material: SS304(Standard),SS316(Optional)
Vibration Acceleration Allowed:≤0.2g
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Intelligent Flange Vortex Flowmeter for Gas/Liquid/Steam Product Features:

  1. The main body of the product has no moving parts, high reliability, long-term stability, simple structure and easy maintenance.

  2. The output of the sensor is pulse frequency, which is linear with the actual flow of the measured fluid, with no drift of the zero point and very stable performance.

  3. Structure of various forms, pipe type, insertion type flow sensor and other forms.

  4. Higher accuracy, conventional liquid measurement accuracy of ± 1.0%; gas measurement accuracy of ± 1.5%.

  5. Small pressure loss (about 1/4 ~ 1/2 of the orifice plate flowmeter), belongs to the energy-saving flow meter.

  6. Flexible installation mode, according to the different process piping at the site, it can be installed horizontally, vertically or inclined at different angles.

  7. The circuit adopts various protection modes, anti-surge and strong adaptability.

  8. High-precision probe, using piezoelectric chip vortex sensor, signal stability. 316L stainless steel sensor shell has a strong corrosion resistance and better intergranular corrosion resistance. Alkaline solutions and most organic and inorganic acids also have good corrosion resistance.

  9. Long-life lithium battery: equipped with 3.6V high polymerization lithium battery, with high storage energy density, the service life of up to 1 year or more.

  10. igh and low temperature adaptability of the product, green and environmental protection advantages.

  11. Wide measuring range, range ratio up to 1:10~1:25.