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Electromagnetic Flow Meter in Which Forms?

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We use to measure the flow of electrically conductive media will often choose electromagnetic flowmeter, then we are in the purchase of electromagnetic flowmeter in the end how to choose its form?

1, General electromagnetic flow meter

Mainly one-piece and split two forms, one-piece as the name implies is the head and body installed together, pharmaceutical, biological, fine chemical and other industries commonly used small caliber, small diameter instruments. Split electromagnetic flowmeter installed mainly in metallurgy, petrochemical, paper, printing and dyeing, textile, water supply, sewage treatment and other industries.

2, Explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeter

Explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used in flammable atmosphere. As most of the electromagnetic flowmeter current energy is large, usually designed as explosion-proof, sand-filled, pouring sealing type and gas-tight.

3, Insertion type electromagnetic flowmeter

Insertion type electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used for large pipeline measurement, DN1000 or more is recommended to use the insertion type, simple and convenient installation, the disadvantage is the lack of precision.

4, Diving electromagnetic flowmeter

Mainly used to measure the nullah or non-full culvert free water surface natural flow under the waterway flow, such as industrial drainage and sewage. Sensor installed in the lower part of the nullah interceptor baffle, long-term immersion in the water. Used for large flows can be installed on more than one with the same shape of the sensor diversion model to expand the flow.

5, Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter

Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used for flow measurement in the health industry, cheese, food, medicine, biochemistry and other industrial requirements of the time through the steam sterilization, the sensor should be easy to disassemble and clean, and the pipeline connecting part of the requirements of rapid loading and unloading of the sanitary provisions of the structure, and the material in contact with the liquid should be non-toxic and non-hazardous.

6, Anti-corrosion electromagnetic flowmeter

Anti-corrosive electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used to measure corrosive media, such as alkaline, acidic media, in the selection of anti-corrosive electromagnetic flowmeter must be the main choice of PTFE liner, the choice of electrode is particularly important.

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