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What are the applications of Magmeter?

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Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of instrument to measure the flow of conductive liquid, by measuring the relationship between the current flowing in the conductive liquid and the magnetic field to determine the flow of the fluid. It has wide measurement range available from DN3mm-DN3000mm with various process connection ways.and the application areas of Mag flowmeters have thus become diversified and widespread.

  • In the field of petrochemical industry: magnetic type flow meter can be used to monitor the flow of crude oil, petroleum products, chemical liquids and other media to ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process.

  • In the field of water treatment: electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the flow in the water supply pipeline, monitor water quality and water pressure, to ensure the normal operation of the water supply system.

  • Food and beverage industry: in food production, magnetic type flow meter can measure the flow of various liquid ingredients, for example, in milk, beverage, juice production, mag flowmeter can measure the flow of raw materials, to ensure accurate control of food production and health and safety.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: magmeters can be used in the pharmaceutical process, measuring the flow of pharmaceutical raw materials liquid, and has a high degree of accuracy, reliability and other characteristics, so it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Environmental monitoring: Magnetic flowmeters are used to monitor the flow of liquids in environments such as sewage treatment, wastewater discharge, etc. to ensure environmental compliance.

  • Paper industry: the need to measure the flow of various liquids, such as coating, dyes, auxiliaries, wastewater and so on. Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the flow of these liquids, and has the characteristics of high precision and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in the paper industry.

Electromagnetic flow meter has an important role in a variety of industries and fields, because it can provide high-precision, stable and reliable flow measurement, which can meet the flow measurement needs of various liquids

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