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The presentation of ARTang after-sales case 5

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Customer's feedbacks about on-sit issues

The customer had purchased several AR-Tang Aimag H sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter drinks ,the instruments are used to control flow during the  drinks production, and recently discovered that a DN150 calibre electromagnetic flowmeter showed a slight fluctuation.

Troubleshooting and analysis from technical group of ARTang

Upon receiving feedback from the customer, the Anretang technical team immediately communicate with customer by video and wechat   and examine and analyze the faults:

1. ARTang electromagnetic flow meters  are all three electrodes,the additional grounding electrode can achieve the perfect grounding of the measured pipes ,and avoids the signal of dispersed interference inside the pipes to cause a slight jumping of the converter head ,besides there is no equipment near the electromagnetic flowmeter that will  cause electromagnetic interference. Therefore, the effects of external electromagnetic interference are excluded.

2. we found the pipe has vibration when our technical team investigated the on-site situations.


At the upstream and downstream 2D locations of the electromagnetic flowmeter, add fasteners to strengthen the pipes and reduce the impact of pipe vibration during  measuring process.

Customer feedbacks

The output of the head of the electromagnetic flowmeter is stable after installing the fastener on the pipe.

Pipe vibration  will have a bad effects on electromagnetic flowmeter measurement?

The vibration affects the stability of fluid velocity in the pipeline and therefore influence the stability of electromagnetic flowmeter readings futher.Therefore, it is very important to ensure the stability of fluid flow .Stable pipeline systerm is the premise of the accurate measurement.

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