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Can Milk be Measured with an Electromagnetic Flowmeter?

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The electromagnetic flow meter has high precision and can accurately measure liquid flow rates of different concentrations and viscosities. Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter have the advantages of high precision, good stability, and not easily affected by media in dairy and beverage processing. Especially in the hygiene and food industries, they can meet safety and hygiene requirements. Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter have the following advantages:


1. Simple structure, no moving parts, no disturbance parts or throttling parts that hinder the flow of the measured medium, no pressure loss, and no problems such as pipe blockage and wear.

2. It can measure liquid-solid two-phase flows such as slurry containing solid particles and sewage.

3. The magnetic flowmeter measurement is not affected by the density, temperature, pressure, viscosity of the flow field and changes in conductivity within a certain range.

4. The magnetic flow meter has a large measurement range. For the same caliber sensor, the full-scale flow rate can be set arbitrarily within the range of 3-15m.

5. Only the inner wall and the electrode of the sensor part are in contact with the liquid being measured. As long as the materials of the electrode and inner wall are properly selected, they can be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.

6. In the measurement principle, the output signal has a linear relationship with the flow rate, the measurement accuracy is high, and the electrical signal output is complete, the measurement response speed is fast, and the pulsating flow rate and rapid accumulation total can be measured.

7. It can measure fluid flowing in both forward and reverse directions.

For the measurement of milk, you can make full use of the advantages of electromagnetic flow meters and avoid their disadvantages. Moreover, the conductivity of fluids such as milk is 200~300s/cm, which is much greater than the requirement of electromagnetic flowmeters for fluid conductivity greater than 10us/cm. In addition, the electromagnetic flow sensor has a simple structure, no moving parts, does not hinder the flow of fluid, has a wide measuring range, and is electromagnetic. Flow meters have been widely used in dairy and beverage processing because of their high accuracy, good stability, and not easily affected by media.

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