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Why We Use Electromagnetic Flow Meter to Measure Slurry?

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Flow Meter for Slurry Application

Slurry is a product of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. Slurry consists of solid impurities, a slurry of suspended substances. The main characteristic of Slurry is high moisture content, and industrial wastewater sludge contains toxic substances.

For challenging flow applications including suspended solids. Whether it’s wastewater treatment or mining. Electromagnetic flowmeters (commonly referred to as magnetic flowmeters) are a reliable and cost-effective method of accurate measurement. Magnetic flowmeters work well in Slurry due to their versatility and corrosion-resistant properties.

Industrial Slurry Flow

The measurement of industrial Slurry and sewage has been one of the difficult problems to be overcome by the measurement workers for many years. There are two main reasons for this.

One is the fluid characteristics: the medium is dirty, the solid-liquid dual phase, the composition is complex, and it is easy to adhere and deposit.

The second is the measurement characteristics: the field working conditions are harsh, the detection devices are easily damaged and difficult to maintain, and the reliability of the measurement instruments is high.

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the low-cost strategy of Iron and Steel, the implementation of measures such as solid waste recycling and zero discharge of sewage. In the process, the iron-making dedusting water, the steel-making dedusting water, and the phosphorus-removing water (collectively referred to as industrial sludge water) are recycled to the sedimentation tank for filtration. The pump is pressurized and transported to the sintering plant for mixing and reuse. The accurate measurement of this industrial sludge water is directly related to the quality of the sinter.

For this reason, how to accurately measure industrial Slurry sewage has always been our topic of discussion.

What is the Best Flow Meter for Slurry?

Which sludge flowmeter is better to choose?

From the current measurement technology, it is more common to choose an Electromagnetic Flowmeter to measure sludge.

ARTang considers electromagnetic flowmeter as Best Flow Meter for Slurry.

The properties of the sludge to be treated and the deep dewatering process of the sludge, the electromagnetic flowmeter has the following technical characteristics:

    1. It can measure the flow of almost all conductive liquids, silts, viscous materials and mud.

    2. A prerequisite for the measurement is that the medium must have a minimum conductivity.

    3. Temperature, pressure, density and viscosity do not affect the measurement results.

When measuring sludge, the type of electromagnetic flowmeter selected is the use of HC electrode, PTFE lining, one-piece type, 20% of the sludge is added with medicine and stirred into a sludge slurry (solid content is about 10%~15%) through pumping. on the pipeline.

In Conclusion

   1. The electromagnetic flowmeter can be used for sludge with a solid content less than or equal to 15%, and the purpose of accurate and stable measurement in the slurry is achieved.

   2. The use of grounding flanges and a good grounding connection are necessary conditions to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the flowmeter.

Electro Magnetic Flow Meter

If you would like any more information about our Electromagnetic Flow Meter , please contact us.

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