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What exactly does a sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter look like?

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The sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter adopts a new sanitary lining material and lining technology, which meets the hygienic requirements of the food industry. It also uses a stainless steel shell and stainless steel clamp connection to facilitate the quick disassembly and cleaning of the electromagnetic flowmeter, making the electromagnetic flowmeter in It is not easy to be contaminated during use.

sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter

Connection Method:

Clamp connection: The clamp connection can realize the quick disassembly and installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter, which facilitates daily and frequent cleaning. Generally, imported sanitary electromagnetic flowmeters use clamp connections.

Sanitary Flow Meter: Cheese, food, medicine, biochemistry and other industries require regular steam sterilization. The sensor must be easy to disassemble and clean. The connection part with the pipeline must have a sanitary structure that can be quickly loaded and unloaded. The material in contact with the liquid should be It is non-toxic and harmless. Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeters are developed to meet the above requirements.

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