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Electromagnetic After-Sales Case 6

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Field problem

The display of electromagnetic flow meter is unstable, and customers judge the flow value is high based on past value.

Troubleshooting and analysis 

Upon receiving feedback from the customer, the ARTang technical team immediately went to the customer site to examine and analyze the faults:

1. The electromagnetic flowmeter calibre is DN100, consistent with the calibre of the pipe measured in the field.

2. Check the sensor coefficients of the electromagnetic flowmeter, sensor coefficients 1.7534 and the coefficient is consistent with the number calibrated by factory before shippment.

3. The flow control valve is installed at the entrance of the electromagnetic flowmeter and the length of the front and rear straight pipe sections does not meet the installation requirements, resulting in a high measurement value.


Modify the small signal cutting point and make it the same as the set value before shipment.