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ARTang Flow Meters are Used in the Printing Factory

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Project requirements

  • Magnetic flow meter: supporting the use of printing machine in the production process and, the function of magnetic flow meter is to measure water-intake, and calculate the water intake of printing process, save the energy consumption of the enterprise.

  • Printing transmission process:electromagnetic flowmeter is required to measure dyes, realize the precise control of dyes, and ensure the quality of cloth.

  • Wastewater treatment:Use sewage flowmeter to measure sewage discharge and conduct discharge settlement.

Selection recommendations

  • Considering the conditions of the printing process: high temperature, steam emission and vibration of the printing machine; We chose the split electromagnetic flowmeter, 316L electrode and PTFE lining for customers. When installing the electromagnetic flowmeter, the upper and lower 2D of the measured medium were reinforced.

  • Provide customers with integrated magnetic flowmeter: tantalum electrode+PTFE lining during printing and transmission.

  • The wastewater from the printing plant has complex composition and high alkalinity, so we choose PTFE lining and tantalum electrode for our customers.

Customer feedback

  • The fange-type connection is easy to install for split-magnetic flow meter, according to post-sales recommendations from ARTang, we strengthened the tested pipes to avoid the impact of vibration during the measurement process; the instrument performed well in the wet working situation.

  • The integrated electromagnetic flowmeter is designed with high frequency excitation and has a fast response speed.

  • Sewage flowmeter is resistance to alkali corrosion, measurement data is accurate and stable.

  • Before purchasing, ARTang dispatched engineers to our factory and learn the whole production process and working conditions, those efforts and professional selection advice all ensures the steady operation of the flowmeter.

ARTANG flowmeter


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