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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter is Used in Beer Brewing

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Project requirements

It is applied to the process of saccharification, fermentation, filtration, CIP ect in beer brewing.  Electromagnetic flowmeter is used to control and provide accurate flow data to optimize raw material utilization, save energy to improve the efficiency of brewing and achieve high quality beer brewing.

Selection recommendations

Choose ARTang Aimag H sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter, PFA liner, high temperature, corrosion and vacuum resistant, combine production process and customer budget  factors, we select 316L electrode and Hastalloy B electrode for customer.


Customer feedback

  • The instrument surface is smooth, and adopts seamless design which can effectively avoid the breeding and pollution of bacteria and ensures the safety of beer production.

  • Provide many kinds of sanitary process connections such as DIN 11851, ISO 2852 and so on.

  • PFA lining is resistant to CIP, SIP cleaning with high temperature.

  • The IP67 protection class ensures the cleanliness and safety with a strong cleaning dosing in the tank area, and prevent the water from entering the inside of the instruments.

  • One-Stop Solutions is time-saving and energy-saving.

ARTANG flowmeter


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