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What are the advantages of 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter?

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4-20mA Pressure transmitter due to its small size, light weight, in the installation, commissioning and use are very convenient advantages to become people in the purchase of the first product will be considered, in addition to its accuracy, stability and sensors, as well as good linearity, temperature stability so that the pressure transmitter in the use of the customer to have a better feeling of use. Of course, the pressure transmitter is to measure the pressure class of instruments, in use will inevitably come into contact with the measured medium, let's say oil, water and stainless steel compatible with some of the paste, so the pressure transducer in the production of stainless steel fully enclosed shell with corrosion-resistant function, equivalent to the instrument to wear a layer of protection, so that it is free from corrosion due to the use of long-lasting materials and affect the use of the effect.

The advantages of 4-20mA pressure transmitters include:

  1. High accuracy: pressure transmitters are able to provide highly accurate pressure measurements, usually up to 0.1 per cent.

  2. High reliability: due to its simple structure and long service life, the pressure transmitter has high reliability and stability.

  3. Easy to install and maintain: the pressure transmitter can be directly connected to the pipeline, easy to install and maintain.

  4.  Good adaptability: the pressure transmitter can be adapted to a variety of environments and media, such as liquids, gases, vapours and so on.

  5. Can transmit signals remotely: the pressure transmitter can convert the measurement results into a standard signal output for remote monitoring and control.

Pressure transducer is a pressure measuring instrument, in the field of pressure measurement, pressure transmitter transducer is a very common sensor. 4-20mA pressure transmitter can solve more than 80% of the measuring conditions in the market. It is widely used in many industrial automation and control fields.

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