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The Advantages of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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What is an electromagnetic flowmeter?

Electromagnetic flowmeters use Faraday's law to determine the flow of liquid in the pipeline. As a result, the flow of the conductive liquid through the magnetic field causes the electrodes located on the wall of the flow tube to sense a voltage signal. The voltage generated is proportional to the movement of the flowing liquid. In other words, the faster the fluid flows, the greater the voltage generated. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter processes the voltage signal to determine the liquid flow rate.

Advantages of electromagnetic flowmeter

The following are the advantages of electromagnetic flowmeters:

  • It has no moving parts, so they are almost affected by turbulence related to viscosity or density.

  • The electromagnetic flowmeter will not obstruct the flow. Therefore it can be used for clean, hygienic, dirty, corrosive and abrasive liquids.

  • Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement is not affected by flow conditions such as laminar flow or turbulent flow.

All of our full-bore electromagnetic flowmeters provide a complete solution for continuous measurement or batch control, suitable for a variety of applications from water treatment to sanitary food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications.

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