Steam flow measurement

Different process sections in the factory require steam with different pressure and temperature parameters. The accurate calculation of steam flow is very important to the cost calculation and management control of the factory.

The vortex flowmeter can accurately measure the saturated steam and superheated steam in the steam distribution pipeline. For thousands of superheated steam, Aitex F provides accurate pressure and temperature measurement values as compensation, and can directly output the mass flow of steam, saving time and economic costs.

Aitex E Steam Flow Measurement


  • Higher equipment stability, strong and durable sensor, high long-term stability
  • Excellent resistance to vibration, temperature shock and water hammer
  • HG, ANSI, JIS and other flange standards are optional
  • The instrument is calibrated on a certified calibration device, and the measurement results are fully traceable


Aitex F Steam Flow Measurement


  • Excellent performance of pressure and temperature sensors, which can work normally even under severe conditions
  • Friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate
  • Multi-variable measurement, saving time and economic cost · Widely used in steam transmission and distribution pipelines
ARTANG flowmeter
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ARTang is the flow & level measurement manufacturer in China, specialied in electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid analysis, vortex flowmeter, level meter, widely used in water/sewage flow measurement, chemical process flow measurement, food process flow measurement, flow measurement of solid liquid, steam delivery flow measurement.
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