Coal water slurry gasification

Coal water slurry pressurised gasification technology is the best industrialized entrained bed coal gasification technology so far. The gasifier adopts coal water slurry feed and pure oxygen gasification process, which has high carbon conversion rate, high gas effective components and convenient wastewater treatment etc.

The accurate measurement of the flow rate of coal-water slurry is directly related to the safe production of the gasifier, and is one of the most important monitoring indicators for coal-water slurry gasification. As a special fluid medium, coal water slurry contains about 65% of extremely fine. Coal solid particles also contain other auxiliary additives, and the physical properties of the liquid and solid mixing make it very difficult to measure the flow rate. Aimag S electromagnetic flowmeter adopts unique high frequency excitation technology It can effectively reduce the flow noise, and realize stable measurement through unique signal processing and noise suppression algorithms. It is especially suitable for solid liquids or Inhomogeneous liquid medium.

Aimag S electromagnetic flowmeter is specially designed for media containing solid particles and corrosive fluids. The sensor adopts a wear-resistant lining optimized for the industry. It is sturdy and durable, and can reliably measure the volume flow of pulp, mechanical pulp, mud (including microparticles) and other slurries. It is suitable for thousands of pulp and paper, basic raw materials and metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries.
  • Unique signal processing, super signal stability
  • High safety factor-industry-optimized measuring electrodes and linings
  • Energy-saving flow measurement-the cross section is consistent with the pipeline without pressure loss
  • Automatic data recovery, easy to maintain
ARTANG flowmeter
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