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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Selection have those Requirements?

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Electromagnetic flow meter is a widely used instrument for liquid and gas flow measurement, with high measurement accuracy, good stability, fast response speed, long service life and other characteristics. In industrial production, environmental monitoring, medical and other fields are widely used. However, different application scenarios on the electromagnetic flowmeter performance and parameter requirements are different, so the selection of the right type directly affects the use of the flowmeter effect!

  • Caliber and flow: electromagnetic flowmeter caliber and flow range is one of the key factors in the selection. Need to choose the appropriate caliber and flow range according to the actual flow size and pipe size. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the electromagnetic flowmeter flow range and the actual flow rate is matched to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

  • Fluid medium: consider the nature of the measured medium, including the type of fluid (liquid or gas), temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, etc., for corrosive media, the selection of corrosion-resistant materials manufactured sensors and electrodes; for high-viscosity media, you need to choose a larger aperture and special structure of the sensor. Select the appropriate electromagnetic flowmeter materials and models.

  •  Accuracy requirements: measurement accuracy is one of the important performance indicators of electromagnetic flowmeter. According to the measurement of the accuracy requirements to choose the appropriate flowmeter model, usually expressed as a percentage or specific flow rate value.

  • Installation conditions and environmental factors: electromagnetic flowmeter installation conditions and environmental factors will also affect its measurement effect and service life. Consider the temperature, humidity, air pressure and other conditions of the installation environment, choose high temperature, corrosion, explosion-proof and other characteristics of the flowmeter model. Consider the installation space, pipe diameter, pipe materials and other factors, choose the appropriate flowmeter structure and installation.

  • Output requirements: according to the actual demand to choose the appropriate output signal type, such as analog signal (4-20mA, 0-10V), digital signal (RS485, HART, etc.) or pulse signal.

Electromagnetic flow meter selection for its use and service life has an important impact. In the selection process need to consider the measurement medium, measurement accuracy, caliber and flow rate, working pressure and temperature, electrode material and wear resistance, as well as installation conditions and environmental factors and other factors.

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