Chemical production

Aimag C electromagnetic flowmeter is dedicated to the measurement of high pressure, high temperature process conditions and corrosive media, and is widely used in harsh industries such as chemical industry. The matching high-pressure electromagnetic flow sensor is suitable for high-pressure flow measurement scenarios such as injection flooding (water, polymer) in the Qian Oilfield system.

Oilfield injection and flooding

In the process of oilfield development, in order to improve oil recovery, flooding techniques such as water injection and polymer injection are commonly used. Injected material flow is an important parameter of process measurement, which directly affects the control of injection volume and oil displacement efficiency.
The accuracy of Aimag C electromagnetic flowmeter can be as high as 0.2, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the measurement process, and the pressure resistance is as high as 26MPa, which is especially suitable for the application scenarios of high-pressure water injection and polymer injection in oilfield development.
Aimag C electromagnetic flowmeter Features
  • Provide a variety of wetted parts materials, wide applicability
  • No moving parts, maintenance-free
  • Integral type or split type optional
  • Withstand pressure up to 26MPa
  • Meet GB3836 explosion-proof standard
ARTANG flowmeter
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang
About ARTang
ARTang is the flow & level measurement manufacturer in China, specialied in electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid analysis, vortex flowmeter, level meter, widely used in water/sewage flow measurement, chemical process flow measurement, food process flow measurement, flow measurement of solid liquid, steam delivery flow measurement.
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