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Why We Use Electromagnetic Flow Meter to Measure Sewage?

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The Electromagnetic Flowmeter is an inductive meter that measures the volumetric flow of the conductive medium in the tube according to the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.

Why we choose magmeter to use as waste water flow meter, below is the reasons:

1) Volumetric flow measurement is not affected by temperature and viscosity

Magnetic flowmeter is mainly used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid or slurry in closed pipeline, including strong corrosive liquid such as acid, alkali and salt. It is a volume flow measuring instrument. During the measurement process, it is not affected by the temperature, viscosity, and density of the measured medium (in a certain range). Therefore, the magmeter can be used to measure the flow rate of other conductive liquids only after being calibrated by water.

2) Large turn down ratio

The output of the magnetic flowmeter is only proportional to the average flow velocity of the measured fluids, and is independent of the flow state (laminar or turbulent flow) under a symmetric distribution. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter has an extremely wide measuring range, and its measuring range can reach 100:1, and some even reach a running flow range of 1000:1.

3) No Moving parts and simple construction

The sensor of the magnetic flowmeter has a simple structure, and there are no movable parts in the measuring tube, and there is no throttling part that hinders fluid flow. Therefore, when the fluid passes through the flowmeter sensor, it does not cause any additional pressure loss, and is one of the flowmeters with low energy consumption in the flowmeter.

4) Dirty fluids or slurry fluids can be measured

The magneitc flowmeter can measure the flow rate of the dirty fluids, the corrosive medium and the suspended liquid-solid two-phase flow. This is due to the fact that there is no obstructive flow component inside the metering tube. Only the measuring tube lining and the electrodes are in contact with the fluid to be measured, and the material can be selected according to the fluid to be measured. For example, PTFE or PFA liner can be used to measure corrosive media such as various acids, alkalis, and salts. Rubber liner can be used to measure fluids with particles or slurry, or cement or paper pulp, because rubber liner is relative wear resistant.

5) Large size available

Industrial electromagnetic flowmeters have a wide range of diameters from DN10 up to DN2000, and there are existing flow calibration devices with a diameter of DN3000 in China, which lays a foundation for the application and development of electromagnetic flowmeters.

6) Forward and reverse flow measurement

The electromagnetic flowmeter has no mechanical inertia and is sensitive to the reaction. It can measure the instantaneous pulsating flow rate and also measure the flow in both the positive and negative directions.

Electro Magnetic Flow Meter

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