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What factors affect the accuracy of electromagnetic flow meters?

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1.Irregular cable type and incorrect connection method 

Electromagnetic flow meter are a specific system comprised by transmitter and converter,cable length,insulation issue ,number of shielding layers, distributed capacitance and conductor cross-sectional area all affect the measurement result of mag flow meter. Severely ,the sewage flow meter will not work normally.

2.Improper lining and electrodes materials

Electrodes and lining are materials which are in touch with medium direct .If we choose unsuitable electrodes and lining materials, it will cause many problems,such as electrode fouling and corrosion,lining wearing ,fouling and deformation.These all problems will lead to inaccurate measurement of industrial flow meters,and shorten the service life of mag flow meters.

3.Unstable excitation method

A.DC wave excitation 

DC excitation is easy to produce electrode polarization and DC interference problems.Excessive polarization voltage will cause blockage of the input end of the converter,the converter of mag meter  can't amplify normal signals .Thus ,we can’t receive the readings in the display of  mag flow meter.


B.AC sine wave excitation

AC sine wave excitation is prone to cause zero vibration of electromagnetic sensor.Obviously ,improper zero position will lead to inaccurate measurement .


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