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What does the electromagnetic flowmeter mainly measure?

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Electromagnetic flowmeters can measure the flow of liquids, gases and other media in real time. They have the advantages of high precision, reliability, and fast response. They can be used in industrial automation flow measurement, regulation, control, etc. Its measurement range is wide, ranging from a few milliliters/minute to tens of thousands of cubic meters/hour, and can adapt to the needs of different fields.electromagnetic water flow meter

Flow Regulation Control

Electromagnetic flowmeters usually drive the control system to adjust and control the flow through feedback signals, thereby achieving accurate measurement and regulation of flow by the system. This good control characteristic makes electromagnetic flowmeters widely used in flow regulation applications. It can realize flow regulation in different ways such as loop control and analog control.

Measure Different Media

Electromagnetic flowmeters can be used to measure the flow of liquid and gas media, and are not limited by pipe size, material, pressure, etc. They are very suitable for the measurement of special fluid media, such as corrosive, magnetic and other media.

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