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What are the Potential Problems When Vortex Flow Meter Measures Coke Oven Gas?

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The problems of vortex flowmeter in coke oven measurement are mainly caused by two aspects. First, the measurement problem is caused by the vortex flowmeter itself or related equipment. Second, the measurement problem is caused by the site environment and pipeline system. 

Today, ARTang mainly introduces to you which environmental and pipeline system factors will cause the output signal of vortex flowmeter to be unstable when measuring coke oven gas. The reasons for the unstable output signal of flowmeter are as follows.

1.The fluctuation of vortex flowmeter output signal is caused by pulsating flow in the pipeline.

Coke oven gas has high temperature and high humidity when it leaves the factory. Therefore, the gas pipeline measured by the vortex flow meter contains moisture, and the gas flow drives the moisture to fluctuate reciprocating, thereby forming a pulsating flow (pulsating flow will cause the meter output signal to fluctuate or jump, and meter can't measure gas flow).

2.Unstable output signal is caused by the condense and volatilize of impurities in the gas pipeline.

The coke oven gas pipeline contains a lot of impurities. When the temperature in the pipeline is low, impurities condense on the sensor head, the sensitivity of the sensor will reduce, and the measurement error of meter becomes larger; when the temperature of the measurement pipeline rises, the impurities condensed on the sensor head volatilize, and the sensor sensitivity will increase. Thus, the continuous changing of sensor head sensitivity will cause variable output signal of vortex meter.

3.The jumping output signal of vortex meter is caused by unqualified wire pressing method.

During the wiring process of the vortex flow meter, if the copper wire in the sensor and the crimping terminal are not connected properly, the signal will be discontinuous during the transmission process, which will cause the output signal to fluctuate and it will be impossible to obtain an accurate flow reading.

4.The wrong output signal is caused by the non-standard grounding wire of the vortex instrument.

The grounding wire of the vortex meter is not consistent with the specification requirements,non-standard grounding wire will cause 50 Hz interference in high current enter.Under this situation ,if the normal signal is higher than 50Hz,the normal signal will be output.Otherwise it will output the wrong signal.

5.Incorrect output signal of vortex instrument is caused by improper installation position.

If the vortex flow meter is installed in a site with frequent magnetic field change, the vortex instrument will output a signal higher than the normal value, so there will be measurement errors. The vortex meter only output normal signal when the magnetic field is stable.

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