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What Is The Difference between A Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter And An Integrated Magnetic Flowmeter?

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Electromagnetic flowmeters, also known as magmeters, are devices used to measure the flow rate of conductive fluids like water or slurries. The terms "split electromagnetic flowmeter" and "integrated electromagnetic flowmeter" generally refer to different configurations or designs of these flowmeters.

Integrated Electromagnetic Flowmeter:

An integrated electromagnetic flowmeter typically refers to a design where the flow tube and the transmitter are integrated into a single unit.

The flow tube, which is a part of the flowmeter responsible for directing the flow and generating the magnetic field, is built directly into the flowmeter housing.

Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter:

A split electromagnetic flowmeter, on the other hand, involves a separation between the flow tube and the transmitter.

The flow tube is installed in the pipeline where the fluid flows, while the transmitter, which processes the signal and provides output, is separate and connected to the flow tube via a cable.This design allows for flexibility in installation and maintenance. For example, the transmitter can be installed in a more accessible location for ease of calibration or repairs.

The choice between a split magnetic flow meter and integrated electromagnetic flow meter design depends on factors such as installation preferences, space constraints, and maintenance considerations. Split electromagnetic flow meter designs offer more flexibility in installation and maintenance, while integrated electromagnetic flow meter designs may be more compact and straightforward to install.

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