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The founction of each parts of electromagnetic flowmeter

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  • Magnetic circuit systems: Mainly used to generate DC and AC magnetic fields

  • Electrodes: Electrode are used primarily to measure the flow signal generated by the flow of a conductive liquid. In fact, most of the electromagnetic flowmeters made in China are two measuring electrodes; however, the electromagnetic flowmeters produced in ARTang are three electrodes, two measuring electrodes and one grounding electrode . The fcunction of grounding electrode is to ground the measured medium, ensure the stable measurement.For example: the disturbance of the pipe vibration and the interference of the dispersed current inside the pipe will affect the measurement .Grounding can make the measurement more accurate. 

  • Lining: Insulation lining contacts with the measured medium directly ,and it can prevent short circuits between the medium and the metal tube ,and ensure the electromagnetic flowmeter operate normally. The quality of the lining is very important to the electromagnetic flowmeter. If the sintering time and temperature of the lining is not right, the finished lining will be brittle. When we install the electrodes later ,it may cause damage to the lining and cause pipe leakage.

  •  Measuring ducts: Forming a closed pipe,and let  conductive liquids pass .the materials of the ducts must be high mechanical strength, low electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity .ARTang provides carbon steel and stainless steel ducts for customers according to their needs

  • Silicon Steel: The silicon steel is located outside the measuring duct and inside the shell. The function of thesilicon steel is to isolate interference from the external magnetic field. To save the production cost, most Chinese electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers put one layer of Silicon Steel in the middle of the duct and shell. In order to make the flow meter still has good anti-interference performance in complex environment,ARTang magnetic flow meter uses three-layers silicon steel. Three-layer silicon steel has better resistance to interference than one layer of yoke

  • Shell: Made of ferromagnetic material, isolates the interference of the external magnetic field

  • Converter: The main function of the converter is to supply the sensor with excitation current,and amplify, convert and display the flow signal, and  output analog signals which is acceptable to other devices (e.g. 4-20 mA current signals, pulse signals, voltage signals, etc.)

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