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How to Choose a Suitable Magmeter for Conductive Liquid?

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Magnetic flowmeter is an ideal product specially designed for water wells, pumping stations, drinking water, sewage and wastewater industries. We can choose the appropriate electromagnetic flowmeter from the following points:

Medium: Electromagnetic flowmeter is only suitable for measuring conductive medium, so knowing the conductivity of medium in pipeline is an important factor. In addition, the temperature, corrosivity and pipeline pressure of the measured medium are also important factors that you need to consider.

Upstream and downstream pipelines: If the electromagnetic flowmeter is installed too close to the pump, valve elbow and other obstacles, its performance will be affected by unstable or irregular flow.

Cost: The cost of magnetic flow transmitter is related to raw materials, such as copper coil, electrode, liner etc. The higher the quality of raw materials, the higher the cost. In addition, the cost of the magnetic flow sensor is also related to the accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the higher the cost.