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How Should I Select A Wastewater Electromagnetic Flow Meter?

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Electromagnetic Flow meters are one of the commonly used instruments in wastewater treatment. According to the working principle, there are many types of electromagnetic flow meters, you need to choose the right electromagnetic flow meter according to the actual working situation.

Slurry Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Reason 1

Electromagnetic flow meters have high accuracy(0.2% or 0.5%) and higher accuracy can be customized.

Reason 2

Electromagnetic flow meters can be used on different pipe diameters from small DN(6mm) to quite large DN(3000mm).

Reason 3

Temperature and pressure selection: Sewage flowmeter can measure the fluid pressure and temperature is a certain limit, selection, the use of pressure must be lower than the flowmeter specified working pressure. Sewage flowmeter operating temperature depends on the lining material used, generally -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, such as special treatment, can exceed the above range, the transmitter allows the measured medium temperature of -40 ~ +160 ℃.

Reason 4

Electromagnetic flow meter generally consists of 5 parts (flange, liner, electrodes, sensor and transmitter). A wide range of liner and electrode options accommodate various process applications.

Reason 5

Affordable price. Compared with other flow meters, magnetic flow meter is cost effective so it’s preferably considered by wastewater plants in terms of all the above-mentioned aspects.

You can contact customer service for detailed information when purchasing sewage flow meters!

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