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Functions of Each Part of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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  • Magnetic circuit system: mainly used to generate DC and AC magnetic fields.

  • Electrode: The electrode is mainly used to measure the flow signal generated by the conductive liquid. In fact, most electromagnetic flowmeters in China are two measuring electrodes. The electromagnetic flowmeter produced by ARTang has three electrodes, two measuring electrodes and one grounding electrode. The grounding electrode is used to ground the measured medium to ensure the stability of measurement. For example, the interference of pipeline vibration and the interference of dispersed current in the pipeline will affect the measurement. Grounding can make the measurement more accurate.

  • Lining: The insulating lining is in direct contact with the measured medium, which can prevent the short circuit between the medium and the metal pipe and ensure the normal operation of the electromagnetic flowmeter. The quality of lining is very important for electromagnetic flowmeter. If the sintering time and temperature of the lining are wrong, the lining will be brittle. When installing the electrode, the lining may be damaged.

  • Measuring conduit: form a closed conduit through which conductive liquid can pass. The material of the conduit must have high mechanical strength, low electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity.

  • Silicon steel sheet: The silicon steel sheet is located outside the measuring conduit and inside the shell. The function of silicon steel is to isolate the interference of external magnetic field. In order to save the production cost, most Chinese electromagnetic flowmeter manufacturers put a layer of silicon steel between the conduit and the casing. In order to make the flowmeter still have good anti-interference performance in complex environment, ARTang magnetic flowmeter adopts three layers of silicon steel. Three layers of silicon steel have better anti-interference ability than one layer of silicon steel sheet.

  • Enclosure: Isolates interference from external magnetic field.

  • Converter: The main function of the converter is to provide excitation current for the sensor, amplify, convert and display the flow signal, and output analog signals acceptable to other devices (such as 4-20 mA current signal, pulse signal, voltage signal, etc.)

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