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Control Monitoring Instrumentation for Mining & Metal Industry

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Mining control operations utilize various types of equipment that often operate using different formats and interfaces. This can make it difficult to manage the efficiency of all the different processes, especially in larger plants. Instrumentation further increases the efficiency of automated mining operations by allowing you to monitor numerous processes including crushing, milling, flotation, concentration, and loading. By automating processes, mining operations can:

● Improve the efficiency of individual processes

● Monitor and analyze processes for improved quality control

● Reduce raw material waste and contamination

● Provide a safer work environment

Mining instruments provide real-time monitoring of materials handling equipment including crushers, mills, pumps, flotation cells, and cleaners. They are also used to monitor fill levels in transportation vehicles, silos, and storage tanks. Types of instrumentation frequently used for mining control and monitoring include point level instrumentation, continuous level instrumentation, non-contact level measurement instrumentation, pressure and temperature gauges, and automation control.


Turn to ARTang for all the process instrumentation your mining application needs. We know the importance of reliable, high-precision control and monitoring devices in this demanding industry. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the equipment that best meets your requirements.

Contact us to discuss the mining instrumentation for your specific needs.

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