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ARTang flow meters are used in chemical raw material ratio

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ARTang flow meters are used in chemical raw material ratio

Project Requirements

The function of  electromagnetic flowmeter in this process is  to measure the small flow in the production process accurate, through reliable measurement of the electromagnetic flow meter ,and to determine proportion of added material, and realize the target of saving raw material cost, achieving standardization and intelligent production.

Selection Recommendations

Based on the PH  range of the measured medium Ph2 ~ ph9, and the flow is  very small flow, the tantalum electrode is selected for the customer, and we customize the small calibre products of DN6, DN10, DN15 for customers.

Customer Feedbacks

The electromagnetic flow meter operates well and we are very satisfied with its accurate ,stable small measurement results,and the productivity and efficiency of factory is improved greatly, the need for accurate addition of materials in the production process is satistied , and realize the scientific ,proportional addition of different raw materials; the design of explosion -proof of sensor improves the safety of personnel; the product certification is comprehensive ,include  the ExdIIBT6 anti-explosion certification, the measurement instrument approval certificate, the European CE,SIL certifications, etc.

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ARTang is the flow & level measurement manufacturer in China, specialied in electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid analysis, vortex flowmeter, level meter, widely used in water/sewage flow measurement, chemical process flow measurement, food process flow measurement, flow measurement of solid liquid, steam delivery flow measurement.
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