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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter is Used to Measure Hydrochloric Acid Flow in Chemical Plant.

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Project requirements

The medium to be measured is hydrochloric acid (the concentration range is uncertain), and customers need to use electromagnetic flowmeter to measure the cumulative flow data of hydrochloric acid flowing through the pipeline.

Selection recommendations

The test medium is hydrochloric acid. Based on the corrosion characteristics of the medium, ARTang engineers chose PTFE liner and Hastelloy B electrode for customers. However, according to the engineering experience of chemical industry in the past, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the tested pipeline may change. HB electrode can test low concentration hydrochloric acid medium. However, if the concentration of hydrochloric acid becomes thicker later, the output of the converter may jump. Therefore, based on the complex chemical changes of the tested pipeline, we recommend that customers choose tantalum electrodes with better performance and more stability in more corrosive media. In addition, considering the working conditions of chemical plants, we provide customers with explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeters to ensure the safe operation of chemical plants.

Customer feedbacks

Electromagnetic flowmeter is corrosion-resistant and adopts explosion-proof insulation design to ensure the safety requirements of operation under high temperature and high pressure in chemical industry. The engineer is experienced in projects and knows the technological process of chemical industry. Select recommended majors; The technical specifications and user manuals are clear and detailed. When we use these documents and watch related instrument operation videos, the whole installation process is very simple and time-saving.


Note: A - Applicable; B - Usable, but life is short; N - Unavailable; X - Corrosion Resistant, but not recommended; Blank - No Data; R-room temperature; S-boiling point; Sat-saturation; (M) - determined by maximum temperature that  Lining can resist.

This list is selected from a variety of sources, and the "applicable" or "not applicable" material is only an overview, those which do not list concentrations and temperature ranges do not mean that they are "applicable" to any concentration and temperature range.

The mixing ratio, concentration and temperature of liquids have a great influence on the corrosion resistance of materials, and other factors such as trace impurities and dissolved gases and flow velocity also influence the corrosion resistance of materials. The user shall conduct investigation according to the actual conditions of use. If necessary, the field medium may be used to carry out laboratory corrosion resistance tests on the first selected materials. It is preferable for the field slab to be used as the closest test to the actual conditions of use.

This list serves only as a reference for the preliminary election, and the reference to "applicable" in the material should not be interpreted as "recommended" and its application should ultimately be determined by the user.

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