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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter is Used in Heat Exchange Station

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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter is Used in Heat Exchange Station

Project requirements

  • Flow measurement of water supply pipe.

  • Flow measurement of reinjection pipeline.

  • Workers need to check the value of water supply and recharge flow by electromagnetic flowmeter to decide whether to start or stop the pump to reduce water loss.

Selection recommendations

According to the engineering experience of heat transfer enterprises in the past, the temperature of water supply pipe in heat exchange station is high. If the valves are opened in the wrong order, it is easy to cause negative pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to choose PFA lining with high temperature and negative pressure for customers, and equipped with 316L electrode.

Customer feedback

ARTang electromagnetic flowmeter has excellent performance under negative pressure and high temperature, and its measurement in water supply and recharge water supply is very accurate. The sensor is connected by flange, and the installation is flexible; In the junction box part of the remote flowmeter, the internal standard seal can effectively prevent steam from entering the cable, thus causing measurement errors. In addition, the delivery speed of the instrument is very fast, it only takes five days from the time we order to receive the package, the guidance provided by the engineer is professional and patient, and the after-sales service can be guaranteed.