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ARTang Electromagnetic Flowmeter is Used in Dosing Pipeline of Water Plant

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Project requirements

1. In order to automatically adjust and control the drug dose, ensure the reasonable operation of the pump unit and make the management more scientific; That is, an electromagnetic flowmeter is installed on the pipeline of the dosing system, and the instantaneous flow value detected by the electromagnetic flowmeter is constantly compared with the set value, and when there is a deviation, it is adjusted immediately to ensure the water treatment quality.

2. There are many kinds of measuring media, strong corrosiveness, small pipe diameter of dosing system, and high flow limit requirement.

Selection recommendations

According to the working conditions of the pipeline, the medium is corrosive and the speed is low; We provide Aimag A electromagnetic flowmeter, PTFE lining and Hastalloy c electrode for customers. It has strong corrosion resistance; The minimum caliber is as low as DN15.

Customer feedback

The quality of water treatment has been improved after adopting ARTang electromagnetic flowmeter in waterworks.

Engineers are experienced in selection, and besides, ensure stable flow and accurate measurement. The after-sales engineer of ARTang made a U-bend treatment on the pipeline when installing the flowmeter, which can meet our demand for low flow.

ARTANG flowmeter


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