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Digital electromagnetic flowmeter

Digital electromagnetic flow meters is mainly used to manage critical flow applications ,high-accuracy, minimal maintenance .
This volumetric flow meter has no  moving parts and is ideal for wastewater applications or any conductive liquid.


  • The sensor protection level can reach IP68, suitable for buried or diving occasions

  • HG, ANSI, JIS and other flange standards are optional

  • Provides accuracy readings up to +0.20% of the measured value.

  • Send free factory calibration certification

  • Optional lining and electrode types

  • The measurement is not affected by pressure, density and temperature

  • The sensor adopts the overall welding process, which is sturdy and durable

  • No moving parts or flow obstructions ,maintenance-free and eliminates pressure drops.

Product specifications

Sensor model  Aimag A
Application Water/sewage/drinking water treatment/irrigation

Structure type

Integrated / separate

Process connection

Flange: HG , ANSI , JIS, DIN

Electrode material

Stainless steel, Hastelloy , tantalum, titanium,

Process pressure

PN 10 ~40 、Cl.150 / 300 、JIS 10K / 20K

Lining material and process temperature

Chloroprene rubber: 0~ 80 ℃, polyurethane rubber: -20~ 65 ℃

PTFE: -40~ 130 ℃ (one-piece), PTFE-40~ 180 ℃ (separate)

Protection level

IP 67 , IP 68

Explosion proof


Accuracy class

± 0.5%/0.2%

output signal

4 ~20mA , frequency / pulse




Split magnetic flow meter

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