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Aimag -A sewage electromagnetic flowmeter

Aimag A electromagnetic flow meters is a products that developed forsewage ,water ,wastewaterflow measurement.widely  used inmetering and custody transfer.And can display both instantaneous and cumulative flow, and supports analog output, communication output and relay control functions.The diameter of the electromagnetic flowmeter ranges from DN6 to DN3000.


Sensor model  Aimag A
Application Water/sewage/drinking water treatment/irrigation

Structure type

Integrated / separate

Process connection

Flange: HG , ANSI , JIS, DIN

Electrode material

Stainless steel, Hastelloy , tantalum, titanium,

Process pressure

PN 10 ~40 、Cl.150 / 300 、JIS 10K / 20K

Lining material and process temperature

Chloroprene rubber: 0~ 80 ℃, polyurethane rubber: -20~ 65 ℃

PTFE: -40~ 130 ℃ (one-piece), PTFE-40~ 180 ℃ (separate)

Protection level

IP 67 , IP 68

Explosion proof


Accuracy class

± 0.5%/0.2%

output signal

4 ~20mA , frequency / pulse



  •  The sensor protection level can reach IP68,remote type is suitable for buried or diving occasions

  • HG, ANSI, JIS and other flange standards are optional

  • Provides accuracy readings up to +0.20% of the measured value.

  • Provide calibration testing report

  • The measurement is not affected by pressure, density and temperature

  • The sensor adopts the overall welding process, which is sturdy and durable

  • No moving parts or flow obstructions ,maintenance-free and eliminates pressure drops.

Selection Tips

      In order to purchase magnetic flow meter accurately, please confirm the following parameters in advance.

  • Pipe diameter :can measure the outer & inner diameter of the pipe

  • Flow range : the normal flow range can be estimated  from the rated flow of the on-site pump

  • The medium : such as water,sewage ,acid, alkali,ammonia,brine,sea water sulfuric acid.


     Aimag A digital magnetic flow meter is widely used in industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply and drainage, steel, coal, paper, food, textile,municipal transfer fields etc.




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