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Aimag A Electromagnetic flow meter

Aimag A electromagnetic flowmeter is also called magnetic flow meter,full bore magnetic flow meter,magnetic meter,inductive flow meter ,mag meter ect,it is composed of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow.Aimag A is developed based on the water/sewage industry and widely used for conductive liquid measurement ,such asraw water, sewage,wastewater,drinking water, process water , irrigation water,acid, alkali,ammonia,brine,sea water ,sulfuric acid,niteric acid etc.The diameter of the electromagnetic flowmeter ranges from DN6 to DN3000.

Sensor model Aimag A
Application Water /sewage /irrigation
Nominal diameter DN6~DN3000
Electrode material Stainless steel 316,HastelloyB/C ,Titanium,Tantalum
Lining material and process temperature Neporene:0~80 ℃,Polyurethane:-20~65℃,PTFE:-40~130℃(intergrated type),PTFE:-40~180℃(remote type)
Process connection Flange :GB,ANSI,DIN,JIS
Accuracy calss ±0.5%/0.2%
 Electrical conductivity Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm
Output signal 4~20mA frequecy/pulse
Process pressure PN10-40,CL150/300,JIS10K/20K


Explosion-proof certification CQEx
Protection level IP67(optional IP68)
Type  Integrated /Remote
Selection Tips

        In order to purchase magnetic flow meter accurately, please confirm the following parameters in advance.

  • Pipe diameter :can measure the outer & inner diameter of the pipe

  • Flow range : the normal flow range can be estimated from the rated flow of the on-site pump

  • The medium : such as water,sewage ,acid, alkali,ammonia,brine,sea water sulfuric acid


        Aimag A magnetic flow meter is specially designed for water industries,such as sewage treatment,water network,drinking water,domestic water ,industrial water ,slurry&pulp ,acid ,acid, alkali,ammonia,brine,sea water sulfuric acid.ect.


  • No-moving parts to wear out,long lifespan

  • ±0.5% high accuracy,0.2% is optional.

  • The measurement is not affected by fluid pressure ,density and temperature

  • Easy to install,low requirement for straight length

  • Four electodes with grounding ring,strong anti-interferance 

  • Chemical-resistant liner ,seams tightly

  • Fully sealed sensor can protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress                          Introduction

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