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What effect does the mixing of gases in the measured medium cause?

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What effect does the mixing of gases in the measured medium cause?

1.Unstable zero point of magnetic flow meter

2.Fluctuation of mag meter’s output signal or no signal out put of magnetic sensor:

If the mixed bubbles in the medium pipe become larger or the bubbles are unevenly distributed, the mixed bubbles cover the electrode and disconnect the flow signal input circuit, further leading to disconnection of the output signal and cause the output signal to fluctuate, and affect the accuracy of flow meter finally.

3.The measured value will be inconsistent with the actual value.

Why are there bubbles in the measuring pipe?

1.The air in the pipe is not exhausted fully.

2.Improper installation method causes more bubbles to enter the medium pipeline.

3.The Conversion of the dissolved gas: Owing to the temperature and pressure of the liquid changing in the pipeline, the dissolved gas is converted into free gas (bubbles).

Inappropriate installation method:

A.When the electromagnetic flow meter is installed vertically, the liquid flow direction is from top to bottom.

B.The electromagnetic flow meter is not installed at the lowest point of the piping system.

 How to eliminate air bubbles in the pipe ?

1.Change the installation position of the electromagnetic flow meter,If the air bubble is caused by an improper installation position.

2. If it is not easy to change installation position : Install an air bag or exhaust valve upstream of the mag meter to eliminate the gas in the pipe, and avoid accumulating gas (if the accumulated gas cover the electrode ,it will affect the measurement accuracy).

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