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Aimag A Carbon steel body electromagnetic flow meter

Aimag A electromagnetic flowmeter is a product developed based on the water/sewage industry. It is suitable for various applications and metering transfers in the water and sewage industries, and is widely used for flow measurement of raw water, drinking water, process water and sewage.

                                                                     Technical specification 

Sensor model Aimag A
Application Water /sewage /irrigation
Nominal diameter DN6~DN3000
Electrode material Stainless steel SUS316,HastelloyB/C ,Titanium,Tantalum
Lining material and process temperature Neporene:0~80 ℃,Polyurethane:-20~65℃,PTFE:-40~130℃(compact type),PTFE:-40~180℃(split type)
Process connection Flange :GB,ANSI,DIN,JIS
Accuracy calss ±0.5%/0.2%
 Electrical conductivity Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm
Output signal 4~20mA frequecy/pulse
Process pressure PN10-40,CL150/300,JIS10K/20K


Explosion-proof certification CQEx
Protection level IP67(optional IP68)


                                                               Installation requirements
  • The instrument can be installed at any position on the running pipeline, vertical installation is preferred. When measuring, make sure that the measuring tube is completely filled with the medium, and the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot work normally when the tube is not full.

  • The flow direction of the medium in the pipeline should be consistent with the arrow on the sensor

  • For measuring severely polluted media, the instrument should be installed in the bypass pipeline

  • Do not install at the inlet of the pump, install at the outlet of the pump

  • Front and rear straight pipe sections: the length of the inlet straight pipe section is ≥5×DN (DN=measurement pipe diameter), if possible, 10×DN is recommended, and the outlet straight pipe section length is ≥2×DN

  • The control valve should be installed downstream of the electromagnetic flowmeter

  • When the drop is greater than 5m, install an exhaust valve downstream of the flowmeter

  • When transporting and hoisting the instrument, do not use a tube or hold it into the measuring tube or use a rope to pass through the measuring tube for hoisting to avoid damage to the lining. Instead, the rope should be hoisted around the neck of the measuring tube.

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  1. Q:What certificates have your products passed?

    A:We have obtained the ISO9001 , ISO14001, Eu CE certificate, SIL certificate ,type approval certificate of measuring instruments and Instrument explosion-proof certification .

  2. Q: What is your after-sales service system?

     A: We don’t hesitate to give you a 1 years warranty period for magnetic flow meters,and our after-sales team will provide you with free installation guidance and technical consulting services.

  3. Q: What is delivery time of your products?

     A: After receiving the deposit, the products can be delivered within 7-15 days.

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