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The presentation of ARTang after-sales case 4

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Customer's feedbacks about on-sit issues

The signal of electromagnetic flowmeter is abnormal and the transient flow is shown as negative

Troubleshooting and analysis from technical group of ARTang

Upon receiving feedback from the customer, the Anretang technical team immediately communicate with customer by video and wechat   and examine and analyze the faults:

1. There are nine electromagnetic flowmeters in the field, Three flow meters have a negative transient flow

2. Detect the flow direction of the measured medium and find that the flow direction of the media is opposite to the direction of the flowmeter arrow, resulting in a negative transient flow value


1. When the field debugging is complete, the EMFM is shown to be positive and working well

Customer feedbacks

After modifying the small signal cut point,when no traffic running in the pipe the number of converters is normal at 0m/s

Why should electromagnetic flow meter be installed vertically when measuring solid media?

 Avoid deposition of solid particles on the wall of the sensor wall to form scale. If the electrode surface is sedimented, the electromagnetic flow meter will affect the performance of the measuring electrode,the different conductivity of the precipitated material will cause different problems, such as:

A. If the precipitated medium on the electrode surface is non-conductive, it will cause the electrode to open and the flowmeter will not operate normally;

B. If the precipitating material in the lining is a conductive material, such as an air oxidizing rust layer or a precipitating material of a metal material, and the conductivity of the precipitating material is greater than the conductivity of  the measured medium, the output  of converters  will be  larger than actual measurement.

C. If the precipitating material in the lining is a conductive material, but the conductivity of the precipitating material is lower than conductivity of  the medium ,the indicator number of the converter will be smaller than actual measurement.

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