Flowmeter manufacturer

Split open channel flowmeter

Aisonicseparated open channel flowmeter is used in conjunction with various water measuring weirs to measure the water flow in open channels.


  • Non-contact measurement, not affected by medium temperature;

  • Field echo waveform display to complete simple instrument fault diagnosis;

  • Built-in temperature sensor to automatically correct the speed of sound affected by temperature.

  • Built-in algorithms are suitable for various standard canals.

Typical application-flow measurement of farmland irrigation system

In agricultural irrigation system, ultrasonic liquid level meter is usually used to automatically irrigate both sides of the door, and accurate water release can be achieved through the real-time data of the liquid level meter display screen. The application of ultrasonic in agricultural irrigation system can realize the rational distribution of water resources and reduce unnecessary waste, thus ensuring the benign operation of farmland water conservancy projects.


  • Wide measuring range, 5-50m is optional.

  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5%-1%.

  • The protection level of probe can reach IP68.

  • Multi-parameter display of material level, liquid level and temperature

  • Analog output 4-20mA with Modus485 communication

  • up to 100m without electromagnetic interference and 10m as standard.