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Seperated ultrasonic level meter

Aisonic separated ultrasonic level meter adopts non-contact measurement technology, the measured medium is almost unlimited, and it can be widely used for level measurement of municipal inland river, urban groundwater level, sewage treatment station, waterworks, etc.


  • Two-wire system, four-wire system is optional.

  • Suitable for non-contact measurement of liquid, slurry, sludge and other media.

  • The maximum measuring range can reach 50m.

  • English interface is optional

  • The analog output is 4-20mA with Modus485 communication.

  • Provide alarm current output to prevent liquid level from entering blind area or exceeding range

The Advantage of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter Compared with Manual Measurement of River Level

  • There is a certain danger in manual field survey on the river bank (the depth of the river is 5m)..

  •  Can still continue to work in bad weather.

  • The value measured manually is not very accurate and can only be used as a reference.

  • The labor cost is high.Besides, it is necessary to record the field data many times a day.



remote type

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy



3mm(allowable error)or 0.1%(whichever is greater)

Display output

liquid Level, Distance, Current in Liquid Crystal Display

Power supply voltage

220V AC, 50Hz; or 24VDC 

Relay output

two groups can be selected.(AC  250V/8A or DC  30V/5A).State is programmable.

Main machine shell material


Sensor housing material



485 or 232

Process connection

determined by magnitude

Ambient temperature

transmitter:-20~+60℃;      sensor:-20~+80°C

Probe cable

up to 100m without electromagnetic interference and 10m as standard

Waterproof grade

transmitter:IP65;    sensor:IP68

Process pressure