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Selection Principle of Electromagnetic Flowmeter?

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1. Calibre

Generally,the calibre of the electromagnetic flowmeter should be consistent with the measured pipe,when we use magnetic flow meter the medium at3-5m/s , the accuracy is better than other flow rate.

2. Scale

The full range of the electromagnetic flowmeter must be greater than the maximum flow value.For accuracy, the normal flow rate of the measured medium is better than 50% of the full range

3. Lining and electrodes

The lining and electrode of the electromagnetic flowmeter must be selected according to the chemical and physical properties of the measured medium (e.g. when the medium flows ,the internal temperature and pressure in the pipeline must be lower than the temperature and pressure that the lining can withstand). If the electrode and lining are improperly selected, it will cause damage to the electromagnetic flowmeter, even cause leakage of the liner , and the flowmeter cannot measure the flow later.

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