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How to choose a suitable magmeter for conductive liquid?

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Magnetic flow meter is a ideal products that specially designed for water well ,pump station,drinking water ,sewage ,wastewater industries.We can choose a suitable electromagnetic flow meter from the followed points

Medium:Electromagnetic flow meter is only suitable for measuring conductive medium,so knowing how conductive the medium is in the pipe will be a big part of your decision.Besides,the temperature, corrosivity and pipeline pressure of the measured medium are also important factors that you need to consider.

Upstream and downstream piping : If the magnetic inductive flow meter is placed too closed to pumps,valves ,elbows and other obstructions ,the performance will be affected by unstable or irregular flow.Thus ,it is critical to check the specific pipe run requirements from the meter to a stable flow profile before selecting a full bore magnetic flow meter.

Cost: The cost of magnetic flow transmitter is related to raw material,such as copper coils,electrodes,liner etc,the higher the quality of raw materials, the higher the cost.Besides,the cost of magnetic flow sensor is also related to accuracy,he higher the accuracy the higher the cost.

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