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How to Choose the Electromagnetic Flowmeter with Appropriate Protection Grade?

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The magnetic flowmeter usually works in bad conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an electromagnetic transmitter with appropriate protection grade to prevent external dust and moisture from damaging the electromagnetic flowmeter. In China's flowmeter market, the protection grades of compact flowmeter are mainly IP65 and IP67. The protection grade of the remote magnetometer is IP68.

A. IP65 all-in-one magnetic flow meter

IP65 electromagnetic flowmeter can prevent all external dust and water from entering the magnetic flowmeter, and prevent water from invading the converter and damaging the electromagnetic flowmeter.

B. IP67 compact magnetic flow meter

It is also dustproof. Compared with IP65 flowmeter, it has better performance under water conditions. IP67 integrated wastewater flowmeter can be immersed in water for a short time.

C. IP68 remote mag meter

Actually, it is a marine magnetometer, which is especially suitable for working underwater for a long time. Therefore, IP68 magnetic flowmeters are all split flowmeters.

Generally, ARTang intelligent instrument provides electromagnetic flowmeter with two protection grades. IP67 compact flowmeter and IP68 split magnetic flowmeter. If the magnetic instrument is installed on the ground, ARTang IP 67 compact flowmeter will be your ideal choice; In addition, it has better resistance to external moisture, so it has higher technical requirements for manufacturers. If your magnetic flowmeter needs to work underground and underwater, ARTang IP68 remote flowmeter will be your best choice.