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How to Choose an Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Appropriate Protection Grade

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The working condition of water mag flow meter is terrible normally.Thus,it is necessary to select  electromagnetic transmitter with appropriate protection class,preventing external dust and moisture to damage mag meters.In chinese flow meters market,the protection class of compact flow meter is mainly IP65 and IP67.The protection of remote mag meters is IP68.

A.IP65 all -in-one water meter

IP65 mag meter can prevent all external dust and water from entering mag flow meters, avoid water to invade the sensor and damage the mag meter.

B.IP67 compact flow meter

It is dust-proof too,and has a better performance in water condition compared with IP65 flow meter.IP67 all-in-one wastewater flow meter can be immersed in water for short time.

C.IP68 remote fluid flow meter

Actually,it is marine mag meter, specially suitable for underwater and underground condition for long time within certain pressure.Thus,IP68 mag meters are all split flow meter.

Normally ,ARTang intelligent instrument provide magnetic flow meter with two type protection class.IP67 compact flow meter and IP68 split magnetic flow meter .If the installation site of magnetic meters is on the ground ,ARTang IP 67 compact flow meter will be your ideal choice ;in addition ,it has better compacity to resist against external moisture,so it has higher demand for manufacturer’s technology. If your mag meter need to work in the underground and underwater,ARTang IP68 split flow meter will be your optimum selection.

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