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How many types of inline flow meters ?

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     There are several types of inline flow meter in the markets.The major inline flow meters are turbine flow meters,electromagnetic flow meters,ultrasonical flow meters and water meters.Today ,ARTang will tell you how to choose the most suitable online flowmeter according to your own needs.

     Inline-turbine flow meter

     Turbine type flow meter is a Volume flowmeter. Turbine flow meters use the mechanical energy of the liquid or gas to rotate a rotor in the flow stream. The rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the velocity of the fluid. In multiple industries, Turbine meters are used to measure the velocity of a variety of liquids, gases and vapors.Turbine flow meter is the most popular equipment to measure flow electronically. Offer a wide flow and application rangeability. Turbine Flow Meters are easy to maintain, durable and versatile.

     Inline-ultrasonic flow meter

     Ultrasonic flow meters, using the ultrasonic principle, measure the velocity of flow.We can use a different type of ultrasonic flow meters, like: Portable ultrasonic flow meter, Handheld ultrasonic flow meter, Clamp-on Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter.For air flow, natural gas, water, velocity measurement. There are two types of ultrasonic flow meter technologies: Doppler shift and transit-time. Transit-time measures the time differential between signals sent upstream and downstream.The differential is directly proportional to the velocity of the water.Transit-time meters are best used for measuring the flow of clean liquids and, as a result, are the most popular type of ultrasonic meter. Doppler shift measures the difference in frequency of the sound wave, reflected off gas bubbles or particles in the flow stream, and is suitable for aerated or dirty liquids.

     Inline-magnetic flow meter

    Magnetic flow meter is also called Industrial Inline flow meters ,which can measure a wide range of medium as long as we choose different liner and electrodes.For example, in the food industry, hygienic electromagnetic flowmeters can be used to measure beer and milk. In the wastewater treatment industry, for example, electromagnetic flowmeters can be used to measure corrosive wastewater.

   Residential inline water flow meter

   Ultrasonic water meter is a new small residential water meter. Residential ultrasonic water meters are equipped with line water meters, and wireless water meters can be customized.

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