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Gas vortex shedding flowmeter

Gas vortex flow meters are used to measure mass or volume flow for compressed ,saturated and superheated steam ect.The flow meter has no moving parts ,the measurement principle is completely unaffected by temperature and pressure, with high measurement accuracy and reliable performance.


Measuring principle

The vortex flowmeter is based on the principle of Karman vortex street (Karman vortex street) for measurement. When the fluid passes through the baffle, vortices with opposite rotation directions alternately appear on both sides. Each vortex will produce a low pressure zone, the vortex sensor detects the pressure change and converts it into an electrical pulse signal. The vortex flowmeter measures the flow of liquid, gas and steam by detecting the frequency of the alternating flow of vortices from the baffle. According to proven laws and physics, the frequency of vortex shedding is proportional to the flow velocity.


  • Standard three-layer corrugated carbon packaging, filled with PE foam, and plywood boxes for DN125 and above, all suitable for sea transportation.

  • More than 10 pieces can be loaded into the plywood pallet for easy loading and unloading.

Installation requirements

  • Install the sensor horizontally or vertically (the flow direction of the liquid is from bottom to top) on the pipe corresponding to its nominal diameter

  • The flow direction of the medium in the pipeline should be consistent with the arrow on the sensor

  • For measuring severely polluted media, the instrument should be installed in the bypass pipeline

  • No flow control valve should be installed on the upstream side of the sensor

  • The sensor should not be installed on a pipeline with strong vibration, so as not to affect the accuracy. For example, when the sensor is installed on a vibrating pipe section, a fixed pipe support point can be installed at the 2D upstream of the sensor to reduce the interference caused by the vibration; or Under the premise of meeting the requirements of straight pipe section, install hose transition

  •   The upstream and downstream of the sensor should be equipped with a certain length of straight pipe, and its length should meet the requirements shown in the following table

Upstream straight pipe section form
Upstream straight pipe length Downstream straight pipe length
Concentric pipe fully open gate valve
 Concentrically retracted fully open gate valve
A 900 elbow ≥20DN
Two 900 elbows on the same plane ≥25DN
Two 900 elbows in different planes ≥40DN
Regulating valve, semi-open gate valve ≥50DN


                 Concentrically retracted fully open gate valve 


            Concentric pipe fully open gate valve


  A 900 elbow


Two 900 elbows on the same plane


Two 900 elbows in different planes


Regulating valve, semi-open gate valve